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Horny lol?

Asked by Anonymous

lol what makes you ask that?

I've just posted some of my own photos, I was wondering if you'd check them out and maybe reblog one or two of them? Thanks for listening!

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yeah sure thing anon ill just click on your blog now……. oh wait….

do you care..?

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cheers to you!!!!! hows life?

yeah not bad, you?

I'm a follower that is online right now...I'm so bored, fix it.

haha where you from?

hi you're cute. k bye :x

awh cheers babe :)

love the theme and posts , dont like the tabs at the top , maybe a bit hard to read ? x

good call mate will have a look at changing them when iv got the time.


I like the randomness and I don't dislike anything

haha have to have both for a rate………………..

Like: It's sexy Dislike: It's too sexy

Asked by l2emarkable



i get followers from you rebloging my post , so thank you for that mate ;)

Asked by fleech

haha no worries :)

Hey :)

Sorry didn't see in your f.a.q... What do you do for living?! are you a tattooer or working in the area of graphic designer?!

Im a graphic designer, but a friend is teaching me to tattoo aswell.

Are you horny?

Asked by Anonymous

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hungry

Sorry I just reblogged half your tumblr, I was trying to find this one photo then realised just how much I love your blog

haha no worries bro reblog as much as you like :)

Do you think it's possible to love someone you haven't met yet?

Asked by Anonymous

yeah maybe